If you own an investment property, you can make your income more passive by hiring a property management company. Property managers, whether commercial or residential, will see to the maintenance of the property, communication with tenants, administration, and balancing a budget.

Blackwood Real Estate is a Fredericksburg property management company that serves both commercial clients and residential clients. While these types of investment properties are different, they are also very similar when it comes to management. The team at Blackwood Real Estate has years of experience managing both commercial and real estate properties.

Areas of Focus

A good property management company can be vital to the success of your investment property. At Blackwood Real Estate, they will stay onto of property maintenance, collecting rent and delivering notices, communicating with tenants, book-keeping and administration, and financial budgeting. Here is a list of services that Blackwood Real Estate provides:

  • Commercial Property Management
  • Residential Property Management
  • Residential Association Management
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
  • Commercial Property Development Consulting
  • Commercial Property Leasing

Blackwood Real Estate is your one-stop-shop for all your commercial property real estate needs and questions. Whether you’re looking for effective property management or you need an experienced commercial broker, Blackwood Real Estate can help you navigate the industry. To learn more, contact them today.

Business Information

Blackwood Real Estate

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