Property Arts is Bixbys Architect!

Designing and constructing buildings, whether that’s a home, a church, or more, is a massive project.  Property Arts has served both architectural and construction clients since 1978, building up their resume as one of the premier Bixby architects. 

Their construction and design team have over 125 years of experience combined working with architecture and with construction. Property Arts also provides a customer service team that makes you their top priority!  Below is a list of common services Property Arts provides:

Special Services at Property Arts

  • small interior remodels
  • custom homes
  • churches
  • public schools
  • commercial buildings of any size.

If you live in Bixby and find yourself in need of design or construction work, be sure to contact Property Arts to discuss a quote. Their information is below:


Phone Number 



3220 W. Lansing St.
Broken Arrow, OK 74012