Jombos Island Style Dispensary & RX  is South Tulsa’s Top Weed Dispensary!

Jombos Island Style Dispensary and RX is the premier weed dispensary in the Soth Tulsa area. Jombos offers a combination of excellent quality cannabis products with a relaxed and safe environment. Jombos is a cannabis shop that sets itself apart from other shops through its client focus. Each customer receives a private consultation with a cannabis expert. Their shop ensures that you get the products and service you need without feeling rushed or uncertain. They explain products and make sure you feel confident in your choice of cannabis.

Jombos’ cannabis products can be instrumental in aiding symptoms like pain, anxiety, and more. They provide you with the support you need in finding the right products for your health. When you walk into Jombos Dispensary & RX, their specialists prioritize ensuring you feel comfortable and see what you need.

Areas of Service

If you’re interested in visiting Jombos Island Style Dispensary, give them a call today. Jombos’ specialists are dedicated to helping improve your health with excellent products and customer care. They provide a range of different products and services for customers:

  • Free Consultations South Tulsa's Weed Dispensary
  • Quality Cannabis Products
  • High-Quality Indica
  • High-Quality Sativa
  • High-Quality Hybrid
  • And More

Learn More About Jombos Island Style Dispensary & RX

If you’re interested in a free consultation with Jombos Island Style Dispensary & Rx’s experts, visit them or give them a call today. Their team will help you find what you need! Below is their contact information.

Jombos Island Style Dispensary & RX


6616 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74133

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